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Someone Had to Set a Bad Example

Need a reason to be Wide Awake?

Forbidden Kiss True love is eternal… Jule Casale is the perfect daughter. Obedient. Trustworthy. Loyal. With her high profile Italian family, her public image must be impeccable. And now to gain the respect and position she’s desired in the academic… Continue Reading →

Watermelon and shoe porn

I’m really torn this morning in my obsessions. I should be working on promoting my book, Forbidden Kiss: a story about redemption, “the family business,” secrets, ancient mystery, and eternal love, but instead I’m craving super ripe, icy cold watermelon…. Continue Reading →

Looking for a reason to stay up all night?

Come be nocturnal with me! FORBIDDEN KISS releases JULY 28. You can find it at Amazon. But wait until the day of release to buy–it helps the publisher track sales. Follow me on my BLOG tour, starting next Monday, July… Continue Reading →


Otherwise known as Electric Daisy Carnival. It’s a three day rave that runs from sundown to sunup. A few hundred thousand people show up in costume and essentially rave all night to DJ mixes, while their eyes swirl in their… Continue Reading →

Wordles for Forbidden Kiss


A word about local brew

It’s fun watching the mainstreaming of local brews. Everywhere I go in Fort Worth now proudly offers micro beers, hand delivered almost daily. It’s cold. It’s yummy and it’s brewed with love and passion–two things I know a little something… Continue Reading →

Buy Tycoon Reunion — You Won’t Be Sorry

So, Candace and I have the novella available NOW. It’s a fun collaborative effort as she’s so AWESOME. And I aspire to her greatness. Take a read and get ready for my next book due out from Entangled COVET in… Continue Reading →

Tycoon Reunion available NOW

Hey, ya’ll   The novella I wrote with Candace Havens, Tycoon Reunion, is available now in e-book form AND it’s 99 cents. It’s a quick, entertaining read. Funny and sexy. And if I may say, kinda endearing–at least the characters… Continue Reading →

January in Texas–ain’t no big thang

Winter in Texas is still badass, i.e. not that different from summer in Texas. We can eat ice cream, drink cherry cokes with Sonic ice, and wear shorts–with cowboy boots, of course (this is the topic of a future post,… Continue Reading →

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