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"I needed to get lost in a good book, and wound up lost in a great book."

Upcoming schedule–busy!

Do y’all think this is too much promo work? Me either! That’s why I’m scheduling more! Please join me on this blog tour and help me get the word out about Deconstructing Lila. This book is SO dear to my… Continue Reading →

Walking and empowerment

I find that walking early in the morning is inspiring on many levels: 1. Gets endorphins going 2. Wakes me up better than coffee (result of No.1) 3. Provides opportunity to experience my environment 4. Allows me to interact with… Continue Reading →

Heaven found in gruyere grits

It’s taken almost forty years for me to appreciate grits: their versatility in flavors, food combinations, and texture. As a kid, I found them tasteless and gross on the tongue. As a young cook, I couldn’t see the benefit of… Continue Reading →

Before I Die Wall

On a recent walk thru Asheville, NC, I came across a public art project called the “Before I Die Wall.” It’s a chalkboard with open lines that invite people to reveal their wishes before they pass. I found it poignant,… Continue Reading →

Texas Monthly BBQ Fest

I LOVE Texas BBQ. And not just a little bit. Like, a lot. Texans make brisket like no one else in the South, and it’s so damn delicious. The thick crust and oak smoked meat that falls apart on the… Continue Reading →

Enter to win an Uber giftcard

So today is go day. Forbidden Kiss is out and available on Amazon.  And it didn’t occur to me until later in the morning to actually get online and see what people are saying about the book. The comments are lovely!… Continue Reading →

Need a reason to be Wide Awake?

Forbidden Kiss True love is eternal… Jule Casale is the perfect daughter. Obedient. Trustworthy. Loyal. With her high profile Italian family, her public image must be impeccable. And now to gain the respect and position she’s desired in the academic… Continue Reading →

Watermelon and shoe porn

I’m really torn this morning in my obsessions. I should be working on promoting my book, Forbidden Kiss: a story about redemption, “the family business,” secrets, ancient mystery, and eternal love, but instead I’m craving super ripe, icy cold watermelon…. Continue Reading →

Looking for a reason to stay up all night?

Come be nocturnal with me! FORBIDDEN KISS releases JULY 28. You can find it at Amazon. But wait until the day of release to buy–it helps the publisher track sales. Follow me on my BLOG tour, starting next Monday, July… Continue Reading →


Otherwise known as Electric Daisy Carnival. It’s a three day rave that runs from sundown to sunup. A few hundred thousand people show up in costume and essentially rave all night to DJ mixes, while their eyes swirl in their… Continue Reading →

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